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Alternative Planet 7 Casino Bonus Codes

There are alternative Planet 7 Casino Bonus Codes avaible from the onlie casino, as explained in the below summary, and on this site:

...Aside from its selection of casino games, Planet 7 Casino features an equally impressive array of bonuses – that’s one of the things that make Planet 7 a unique place to play. The casino gives clients a number of ways to increase their bankroll.
Planet 7 runs exciting new promotional campaigns like Design Your Rocket Ship, which offers an unprecedented range of exclusive weekly promotions. With a rotation of options like a 150% No Rules Bonus with a $50 deposit, 220% All Allowed Games Bonus with a $75 deposit, and a 300% Bonus + 30 Free Spins, the possibilities are endless! Players have contrasting interests, preferences, and tendencies, and Planet 7 strives to cater to its diverse clientele.
One of Planet 7 Casino’s most intriguing offers is its permanent fixture Escape Pod, a month-to-month promotion that encourages collaboration among players. Not only does it include a highly beneficial 250% No Rules Bonus with just a $50 deposit, but it also offers a free chip. With each individual deposit, the free chip just keeps growing.
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Easy Pattern For Filet Crochet Potholder

Curated article on basic hand woven pot holder design. Including videos showing how to get accustomed to a basic potholder loom kit, potholder loops and lace edged variations, and other pot holder loom details:

 By Janna Halioris

This filet crochet potholder is an excellent project for someone who is just learning this new skill. In this technique the shapes in the patterning are formed by solid and open squares formed by blocks and spaces. This type of crochet is always worked in straight rows.

The blocks are formed by double crochet and the spaces by chains, each space divided from the next one by one double crochet.

How to make spaces (sp) for this potholders pattern:

1 space = 1 chain, 1 double crochet (1ch, 1dc)

Spaces are the open mesh in the crochet lace pattern. Make one double crochet (dc), one chain (1ch), skip one stitch from the previous row and make one more double crochet stitch.

How to make blocks (blk) for this potholder pattern:

1 block = 2 double crochet

Blocks are the filled mesh spaces in the filet lace pattern. When a block is made over an open mesh space then one double crochet should be put directly into the space over the chain stitch. When blocks are touching each other, there are three double crochet stitches in the first block and two in each consecutive block.

What you will need:

2 balls of 50 grams 4 PLY crochet cotton. We used 2 different colours for this pattern (white and blue). Hereafter called colour 1 and colour 2.

1 crochet hook no. 2

Crochet instructions:

This filet crochet potholder pattern is easy to follow from the chart that has open spaces and black blocks. Follow the instructions above about how to make crochet spaces and blocks.


Chain stitch ch

Double crochet dc

Single crochet sc

Slip stitch sl st

Begin with a foundation chain of 42ch + 4ch (in colour 1)

Row 1: Insert hook in 6th chain from the end, crochet 1dc, * 1ch, 1dc*, repeat *pattern till the end of the row. (You should have 21 spaces).

Row 2: 4ch, *7dc in every next stitch of previous row, 1ch*, repeat* 4x, 1dc.

Row 3 + 4: as row 2.

Row 5: 4ch, 1dc, *1ch, 1dc*, repeat until end of row.

Repeat rows 2, 3, 4 and 5 four times.

Once completed the pattern cast off.

Make this pattern four times - twice in colour 1 and twice in colour 2. Each potholder is crochet twice. The double layer makes it more heat resistant and prevents burning your fingers.

How to crochet the border:

For the potholder in colour 1, use colour 2 for the border and of course for the potholder in colour 2, use colour 1 for the border.
Put the two sides on top of each other. Make sure the pattern matches.
Then crochet 1sc in the third space from a corner, 1ch, 1sc, 1ch repeat until all four sides are completed, close this row with a slip stitch.
Next row, make 1sc over next ch of previous row, 2ch, skip sc previous row, 1sc, 2ch repeat until all four sides are completed, close row with a slip stitch.

Now crochet a hanging loop:

Without casting off make a chain of 15ch, join with 1sc round the corner (same distance as the other side). Turn work and crochet 20sc over chain. Finish with a sl st and cast off.

For more crochet stitches, crochet patterns and other crochet resources by Janna Halioris visit Top Crocheting []

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Green Charge Ranked Best Sustainable Energy Storage Company

Green Charge today announced that market research firm Navigant Research ranked Green Charge as the leading distributed-scale energy storage company in the United States. In its Q2 2017 Navigant Research Leaderboard Report: Distributed-Scale Energy Storage Systems (ESS) Integrators, Navigant Research evaluated and interviewed 14 companies with criteria based upon strategy and execution.

According to Navigant Research, Green Charge’s top ranking is a testament to the company’s clear differentiation from the competition through exceptional product development. Green Charge earned high scores for its go-to market strategy, highlighting current developments in solar and storage, product portfolio and network of energy experts. Navigant Research concluded that Green Charge is in the strongest position for long-term success in the distributed-scale energy storage market.

“Achieving the top ranking of energy storage companies is further endorsement of Green Charge’s vision, mission and expanding customer base,” said Vic Shao, CEO and founder of Green Charge.

Source: Navigant Research

This is Navigant Research’s first Leaderboard Report that exclusively highlights ESS integrators primarily focused on the distributed-scale energy storage segment. Based on market forecasts published in Navigant Research’s Market Data: Commercial & Industrial Energy Storage and Residential Energy Storage reports, the total market size for distributed-scale ESSs is expected to exceed 12.9 GW and $16.3 billion annually by 2025.

About Green Charge
Green Charge has been designing and deploying commercial energy storage since 2009, with systems installed throughout the United States. As part of ENGIE, the largest independent power producer in the world, Green Charge’s mission is to use energy storage to power the world efficiently and sustainably. Our team is comprised of top energy storage industry experts, who provide performance-based solutions to optimize the value of energy for our customers. Our ecosystem of solar, EV charging, and energy efficiency partners allows our customers to combine energy storage and renewables easily and economically.

Media Contact:
Anne Smith
Green Charge

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Alternative Planet 7 Casino Bonus Codes

There are alternative Planet 7 Casino Bonus Codes avaible from the onlie casino, as explained in the below summary, and on this site : .....